What will it mean to re-enter the institution of marriage?

Image freely available from Wikimedia Commons

Who would believe it anyway?

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Even if it’s whiny, hammy, and full of lies

Image by johnhain freely available on Pixabay

It’s the kind — and strategic — thing to do.

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A new report fills the information gap

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On structure, style, and writing with a purpose

Looking back at the book that started a phenomenon

Steven Levitt (standing) and Stephen Dubner (image available from Wikimedia Commons)

The science fiction icon discusses creativity, fandom, and one of his hobby horses: the business of writing

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Does it hold up as well as the movie?

Photo by Fausto García on Unsplash

Express Yourself

We have more in common than you’d think

Photo of a Bible open on a pulpit in front of a church.
Photo: Stephen Radford/Unsplash

Anthony Aycock

Writer. Editor (www.conventionscene.com). Librarian. Lover of books, cats, and comic cons. Hater of vegetables. Tweet: @anthonycaycock

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