Doing it right can have a big impact

Q: What do John Grisham, Margaret Atwood, Andy Weir, and Stephen King have in common?

A: Several things. All are bestselling authors. Award-winning authors. Authors who are written about and studied and among the finest authors working today.

And all have, at one time or another, self-published their work.


What will it mean to re-enter the institution of marriage?

Last night, I dreamt I went to a wedding again. Mine. It seemed to me I stood by the altar, beneath an arch, my feet on petals, and afterward I could not move, for the reception was barred, and plated. There was a ball and chain upon my ankle.


Even if it’s whiny, hammy, and full of lies

Ever seen the movie The Love God? Set in swinging 1969, Don Knotts — yes, Barney Fife! — plays Abner Peacock, publisher of a soon-to-be-insolvent birdwatching magazine.

Desperate for funding, Abner is tricked into partnering with smut peddler Osborn Tremain, who turns The Peacock into a, uh, gentlemen’s magazine. This…

It’s the kind — and strategic — thing to do.

Assuming Joe Biden becomes the next president, and assuming a lame-duck Donald Trump does not pardon himself — a dubious move — or resign and let Mike Pence pardon him — a weaselly move — Biden should do the deed himself.

Biden should pardon Trump.

He said before that he…

On structure, style, and writing with a purpose

I recently read an essay about how watching stand-up comics can improve one’s writing.

The author emphasizes style and wordplay — puns, non-sequiturs, double entendre — as the tools most transferable from comedy to prose. These are good points.

But what about joke writing? There is a process to this…

Looking back at the book that started a phenomenon

Which is more dangerous: a gun or a swimming pool?

Do real-estate agents have their clients’ best interests at heart?

Is sumo wrestling rigged?

If drug dealers make lots of money, why do they still live with their mothers?

These don’t seem like the kinds of questions an economist would…

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