I Don’t Think Richie from Stephen King’s IT Is Gay

Is It Okay, Though, If He Is?

Image from wahyu purnawan on Flickr

“It’s pretty cool how they made Richie a coded gay man.”

It took a second for his words to register, distracted as I was by blood exploding out of an on-screen chest. I whispered back that, though I could see how a person might reach that conclusion, Gay Richie (not to be confused with British director Guy Ritchie) probably wasn’t a thing.

  1. Teases Eddie. We say kids who tease each other must be secretly in love. Do adults resort to this? Besides, Richie taunts everybody.
  2. Cries in the lake. The group had just faced the creature they had been terrified of for 27 years. It nearly killed them. I’d probably sob a bit too.
  3. R+E. Adult Richie returns to this graffito after Eddie’s death, tracing it with a knife to deepen the cuts. It could be an act of love. Or friendship. Or a way to honor the fallen. Or something else.

“Is it okay if Richie is gay?”

I said I didn’t mind it.

Writer. Editor (www.conventionscene.com). Librarian. Lover of books, cats, and comic cons. Hater of vegetables. Tweet: @anthonycaycock

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